Your Mom Wants You To Shop Local!

Follow this easy “how to guide” and shop local this mother’s day!

So, it’s the week before Mother’s Day (that sure did sneak up on us) & you aren’t quite sure what to get for the special women in your life. You could order a gift from an online store that a million other last minute shoppers have ordered OR you could follow my simple and fool proof “How To Shop Local Guide” and find a unique, one of a kind, gift for the women that helped shape you in to the person you are today. Ready? Let’s get to it!


Mommin’ ain’t easy, even though we make it look like a breeze. What you don’t see are the dark circles from sleepless nights (thank you concealer) spent up with little ones. We might look like we have all it together , but I promise we are held together with dry shampoo, Febreze, and an extra large coffee, probably from The National Grind. We LOVE being mom’s but we also LOVE a little *me* time. Lucky for us (and you) we have options! Revive salon is running an e-gift card special, where you get to take 13% off your purchase! This a great option if you aren’t quite sure if Mom would rather get those lash extenions she’s been wanting or a relaxing facial. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this gift!


We all know a Mom that treasures and saves every macaroni frame, hand print art, and coloring book page (I MIGHT be guilty of this). Handmade gifts from the heart are priceless, but it is fun to mix that up every once and a while. What better way to a sentimental Mom’s heart than scheduling a special “Mommy & Me ” photoshoot. Nicole Rae Photography offers gift certificates and Nicole will work one on one with you to create memories and photographs that your Mom will cherish for life.

For the mom with a sweet tooth

What is the only thing sweeter than a Mom? Well, sweets, of course! Ellwood is loaded with delicious options that will leave any sweet lovin’ Mom’s stomach and heart full! Feeling overwhelmed by all this sweet talk? Let me break it down for you and make this easy as pie. Speaking of pie, you have to check out Debbie’s Delicious Desserts. Offering a variety of full size and absolutely adorable tart size pies, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods, Debbie’s Delicous Desserts will help you poor some sugar (and spice and everything nice) on your Mother’s Day celebration.

For the mom who needs a break

Being a Mom is a full time job,24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And man, do we love it! We love every snotty kiss, every soccer game, every dance recital. BUT WE ARE TIRED. Tired in the best way possible, though. But still, we need a nap. Or a bubble bath. Maybe a night or two away? Lucky for us, just a few miles outside of Ellwood City, is Chapel Valley Estate Bed n’ Breakfast. This gorgeous B&B will knock the socks off any Mom and after a solid night of uninterrupted sleep (and maybe a bottle of wine), they will be back to peak Mom condition.

Well, that was fun! I hope this “How To Guide” has helped to inspire you to shop local! Keep an eye out for our “How To Shop Local For Father’s Day” Guide that we will be posting in a few weeks! Hint: Cigars, a close shave, & frothy beverages will be discussed.

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