Ellwood City: It’s A Movement

Let’s talk about the movement that has been happening in the 16117 over the last few years. Young entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking us out, but why? What makes Ellwood City a desirable place to launch a new business? Or to start a family? What draws thousands of people to Lawrence Avenue to celebrate Fall Fest and Let There Be Lights? Have we finally cracked the code that sets us apart from other towns?

Nothing makes me more excited than seeing the small businesses in our community thriving. New businesses are opening, while existing businesses are expanding and adding new services. The Ellwood City of 2019 feels very different than the Ellwood City I grew up in (A girl never reveals her age so I’ll just keep you guessing on when I grew up). While I have always loved this town, I remember a time when Lawrence Avenue wasn’t quite as vibrant as it once was. We had lost a little bit of our sparkle and charm. Thankfully, our amazing community came together and decided to rewrite our towns narrative.

In a few short years (and a lot of hard work and dedication from the community) , we had a beautiful state of the art Public Library and Community Plaza, which would become the future home to our AWESOME Summer Concert Series. These two additions to Lawrence Avenue was the spark that we needed to write the next chapter for Ellwood City.

We didn’t get to where we are today over night. New businesses began to open and every success story brought more small business owners to Ellwood City. Lawrence Avenue became a place you could spend your day. We had a coffee shop owned by a young couple that didn’t pick Ellwood City by accident. They opened up The National Grind here because they loved and believed in everything that Ellwood City could become. A sister-duo opened up an adorable pet grooming business that has grown to be so much more than that. Grand Paws Pet Salon & Boutique saw what could be and went all in on their dreams.

The past few years, there has been an explosion of new businesses in Ellwood City. Talented men & women opening up Hair Salons and Barber Shops, that offer services that you used to have to travel to Pittsburgh for (check out our website to get the full list). Bakeries that specialized in everything from custom cakes, to savory treats, and cookies and cupcakes that you used to only see on Pinterest, sought us out to open their shops.

Each new business that opens, is a breath of fresh air for our town. These businesses have drawn in a new clientele and when they arrive in Ellwood they are exposed to ALL that we have to offer. The stores that have been here for generations. The Ice Cream Shop that opened just two years ago but has developed quite a dedicated and passionate fan base (You better not get in my way when they have Strawberry Pretzel Salad Ice Cream).

There is something special about Ellwood that keeps them coming back again and again. Maybe it is the pride that we have in all we have accomplished over the past decade. Perhaps they can sense how supportive and welcoming our community is. Or, maybe they believe in Ellwood just as much as we do and want to be apart of the movement. So here’s to the next decade. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

2 thoughts on “Ellwood City: It’s A Movement

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  1. So proud to be in Ellwood. This town has so much to offer, the most is the wholesome atmosphere. Yes, we gave problems, but in the end, we are a strong small town with good people and great businesses.


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