Weisz Collaborative

It all started with a crazy idea

Don’t all the best ideas start out sounding a little bit crazy? When we made the decision to move out of our business (The Sweet Shop) and create a new one, I admit, it sounded a bit insane to say out loud. We had just spent the last two years pouring our life into a Brick and Mortar that was thriving. When I suggested that we put it up for sale, even as I said the words, it sounded crazy to me.

Owning a business in Ellwood City allowed me more opportunities than I ever realized possible. It was an incredible leap of faith that grew my knowledge as an entrepreneur. It allowed me a space to foster relationships with community members and other local business owners. I quickly had a new found appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to grow a business.

It led me to a realization that I loved being an entrepreneur, taking a dream and putting it into action. I also realized how much “behind the scenes” work happens in business, how much work goes home, and how much of a business rests on the shoulders of an Entrepreneur. That is where the idea for Weisz Collaborative was born.

I knew what it felt like to be bogged down by the every day essential tasks of running a business in today’s world. From managing Social Media, to completing Administrative Tasks, there are a lot of moving parts to running a business that are often overlooked. Creating content that keeps our customers engaged and coming back is essential to a thriving business, but not always where an owner can focus their time. All things that I liked doing, but were the center of my business.

That is where Weisz Collaborative can help others. The Entrepreneur no longer needs to feel like they are doing it all alone. I get the unique opportunity to work hand in hand with Business Owners and help them achieve their dreams while taking away some of the burden they often feel to keep their Social Media updated, finish Admin Tasks, among other things, all after putting in a full day’s work. I look forward to continuing to be a part of Ellwood City, and seeing the businesses that are here continue to grow, and the excitement of new businesses beginning. If you are feeling overstretched and would like an extra set of hands to handle some of the work, reach out. I am here to help!

Katie Weisz Business Support Specialist | Virtual Assistant Weisz Collaborative

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