Happy Galentine’s Day, you poetic land mermaid!

Today, the 13th of February, is quite possibly one of the BEST made-up holidays that has ever existed, and we all have the wise and knowable Leslie Knope to thank! This magical day is known by many women (and Parks and Recs fans) as Galentine’s Day. A day to celebrate all your best lady friends and treat yo’ self to some much deserved (and probably needed) pampering. Have we peaked your interest yet? Are you ready to go all in on this “Galentine’s Day” celebration? If so, keep reading because we have planned one epic guide to having the BEST Galentine’s Day of your life!


What is the only way to kick off your epic Galentine’s Day celebration? How does a delicious caffeine beverage with a side of girl talk sound? Perfect, I know. Head on over to The National Grind, order yourself a large beverage with all the toppings and extras (because did I mention that calories don’t count on Galentine’s Day?!) and enjoy catching up with your ladies!

Great, so you are fully caffeinated now, and are ready to get your grub on! It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to eat at least 1 waffle to fully immerse yourself in the greatness that is Galetine’s Day. Lucky for you, waffle’s are just a short walk down Lawrence Avenue, from The National Grind. Breaking Bread has some of the best waffles around. Leslie Knope would recommend that you and your lady crew go all out and top your waffles to the max!

Now that your stomach is happy, are you ready to treat yo’ self to a relaxing afternoon? YES, you are! But what are you in the mood for? Maybe a facial, or a Mani/Pedi combo. Have you been wanting to get lash extensions? Are you ready to do something fun with your hair?! Why not do it all?! Revive is a full service salon that can make all your Galentine’s Day dreams come true. You will want to relax in the tranquil space they have created all day long. So sit back, close your eyes, and take a break from the every day hustle. YOU DESERVE IT!


So by now you are fully relaxed, which just happens to be the perfect time to go shopping. Remember the motto of Galentine’s Day is “treat yo’ self”, so why not splurge a little and buy yourself something sparkly and shiny? You know you want to! Kimpel’s Jewelers is a no-brainier stop on any Galentine’s Day checklist. Buy yourself those earrings you have been drooling over. That ring, you know the one we are talking about, it’s calling your name. Galentine’s Day only happens once a year, GO FOR IT! When they ask if you need a bag say “Heck no, I’m wearing this bad boy out on the town tonight”.

Now that you are fully blinged out, it’s time to find the perfect outfit to match! Just across the street from Kimple’s is Konsignment Konnection’s . No matter what your style is, this gem of a store will have something for you! Galentine’s Day is not a time to be modest so go all out and get that sequin dress you’ve been telling yourself “isn’t your style” for months. While you are there, why not buy those pair of heels that you’ve been eyeing up as well. Now you both feel and look amazing. Galentine’s Day looks good on you, girl!


We think you are ready to go out on the town tonight and create your own Galentine’s Day memories. Enjoy they day! Enjoy uninterrupted quality time with your friends! Even better, support local businesses while supporting each other! Just remember to treat yo’ self and when in doubt, eat some waffles!

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